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(June 2010) Los Angeles is known for its producers and artists of all musical genres and glitch-hop is no exception. Metaform is a solo act and that musical freedom seems to help in the experimentation of his genre; a mastermind behind every beat, Metaform sings almost every song. After listening to The Electric Mist, it’s easy to hear influences from other glitch-hop artists (such as Massive Attack), but try not to let that cloud your judgment. Clear your mind, acknowledge that familiarities exist and don’t allow other glitch-hop artists to become a benchmark. Metaform’s use of textures and unrelenting rhythms dissuade you from wanting to skip songs; he has made some of the sexiest glitch-hop to date. Many of these songs could be improved upon if he didn’t use such heavy auto-tune. At some points his voice cannot be tolerated because of such harsh computer effects and you can’t help but think of T-Pain. Even if you are stubbornly against the use of auto-tune, give the album a try because the created atmosphere is unique in its own right.

From the start, The Electric Mist oozes a slow burning, sexy quality through its thudding bass. “Candy” beautifully ebbs and flows with quick lyrics over a dreamy beat. Not every song can be great and “My Love,” “Secretly Alone,” and “Door Number One” show how even the best intentions may look great on paper but fizzle out once produced. The three are much too dreamy and the annoying auto-tune is mind-numbingly dull. By the end of the three you wonder why you gave almost four minutes of attention to each one. Spacious is the best word to describe both “It’s Gotta Be” and “Pop the Trunk.” Layers and breakdowns take tenacious hold of you on this artistic journey. Metaform’s production skills are exemplary with both songs as proof. “Premonition 2010” would have been a perfect way to end the album and is one of the finest on The Electric Mist. Leaving the rapping to his guest, Azeem, and they both feed off each others talent. No auto-tune is used and pure, raw rapping leads to a beautiful and upbeat breakdown to finish the song.

The Electric Mist is a step forward in the evolution of glitch-hop and with this release, Metaform shows he can handle taking risks and exploring new boundaries. Glitch-hop fans will enjoy the record and the elimination of so much auto-tune would not be missed. What’s interesting are the many ways Metaform experiments with different sounds on the album; there are dreamy songs, hard raps and even some drum and bass as heard in “OCD.” The combination may sound off-putting at first but Metaform shows he can take unlikely sounds and create a work of art that has a definitive direction.

The Electric Mist is out now on Just. [Listen | Purchase]

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