Mark Archer (Altern 8) :: Frequency Remixes (Balkan Vinyl)

[Release page] A play-by-play summary of the vinyl edition for March Archer’s Frequency Remixes on Balkan Vinyl.

Frequency (Luke Vibert remix)” :: After an 18-second intro using glitched/panned radio noise, the listener is prompted “Have we tried all the Northhampton frequencies?” – and the classic rave synth stabs and break drop. Vibert switches it up briefly with some jazzy organ variations before a massive bass drop, another switch up in rhythm; this time to a pulsing 808 electro beat. Then the original bassline is brought in, filtered and coming in hot. Then Vilbert continues to rinse the classic rave vibe with the bluesy organ rhythm for the remainder of this very nice (nostalgic) track.

Frequency (DMX Krew’s Asylum Seekers remix)” :: Rephlex veteran DMX Krew bring a more 4/4 acid house version of the 1991 rave classic by Altern 8. The breakdown at 1:51 hints at the acid with “wild pitch” style syncopation kicking in at 2:19. 14 seconds or so later a full-on 303 acid line emerges. Then a sick bassline breakdown at 3:14 in the track, which gives way to the classic “Frequency” stabs receiving the “wild pitch” treatment.

Frequency (AGT Rave Cru remix)” :: A more modern hardcore breaks meets dubstep version. As the rave synth stabs are the backbone of the original, they are still used in the intro, but an LFO wobble a la dubstep replaces the stabs for the majority of the first two minutes. Half-time drum programming and fills lace the track around 1:38. This gives the track a more modern dubstep feel for about 30 seconds. Then all the elements are mixed together around 2:21, building up the track for another funky breakdown. 2min 54sec in and the original b-line is mixed with brief blasts of the stabs and half-time drum programming. All elements of the track continue to blast again with the original’s vocal samples being chopped up and contrasted with the breaks and brief wobbles.

Frequency (Killa Productions 91 Revival remix)” :: Starting off with a bass drum that would be familiar to any hardcore fan, the 909 bass drum adds immediate punch to the intro. About 30 seconds in the stabs drop in, but this time they are mashed up and heavily syncopated. fittingly so for the 909 and break. The track then switches up to an early jungle vibe with amen breakbeat edits and deep sub bass, truly giving it a 1991 feeling. Alternating between these 2 hardcore vibes for the whole track makes this remix feel like the most nostalgic remix; as if it was worthy of being released as an AA or B-side track to the original.

Frequency Remixes is available on Balkan Vinyl. [Release page]

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