Maduro :: Filter Sick (Component)

Filter Sick is a heavily processed album that leaves no sound unaffected nor unmolested.

Maduro :: Filter Sick

Filter Sick by Maduro is a complex, frenetic and glitchy sonic affair. It reminds me of fever dreams had as a child where my delirious mind tried desperately to collate sensory input amidst the microbial infestation afflicting me into a cohesive narrative only to leave me reeling in wonder at the insanity displayed before me before I passed out.

Filter Sick is a heavily processed album that leaves no sound unaffected nor unmolested. Each and every second of sound is filled with degrees of change that leave your head spinning, feet tapping and ears scrambling to catch up. “Driving At Night” powers along a darkened groove, steady and sure but for the beats and breaks like debris in the road leaving you on your toes for whatever the next second brings up in your headlights. “Under Concrete” trudges heavily with distorted beats and throbbing bleeps while spare melodies swirl in a pool of effects, like trap music for meth heads with their skulls caught in a metal bucket stumbling across an active firing range. In songs like “Migraine Mary” there are brief appearances by melodies before they are overtaken by a swarm of heavy ground beats and rhythms like an infestation of metallic cyberinsects. “Infravision” clambers along with beeps and bleeps over stuttering rhythms in a woven mesh of fibrous sound. The album winds down with a few tender moments such as the first seconds of “Faceless Ones” with its ballad-like glockenspiel intro which is soon overrun with heavy synth swells and drums, beaten, prodded and twisted into submission. “Au Revoir” ends with drones and squelching noises like giant robots trying to drown each other after a prolonged battle.

It must be stated state that Maduro’s music bears a fair resemblance to Venetian Snares for the similarities are there. But fans of IDM, glitch, break core, DNB, industrial and just good old fashioned crazy ass music will not be disappointed with this at all. Play loud and often. This is music to be reckless to!

Filter Sick is available on Component.

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