Karsten Pflum :: Tracks (Worm Interface, CD)

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(05.05.03) It’s unfortunate that many releases in the abstract electronic world are under-appreciated or misrepresented. This is not to say that these titles need to remain in obscurity, in fact many of them come from relatively new artists striving to create a ripple in the ocean. So, is this the case with Jacob Madsen from Denmark and his ‘Karsten Pflum’ moniker? Actually, Jacob is an accomplished musician of several years having played guitar in heavy metal bands and currently performing gigs around Europe that support electronic music. Interesting story so far, isn’t it? Did we mention that he can also play the bagpipes too? All the above is true, and what you’re about to read below should give you some indication on what to expect with his debut full length on UK’s Worm Interface.

With a style veering close to that of Plaid’s melodic punch, Karsten Pflum nurtures every beat with something magical and creative. “Assidrone” is very reminiscent of the old-school, analog driven melodies that Suction Records have released over the years from artists like of Lowfish, Solvent, Skanfrom et al. “Mairslot” has a nostalgic feel to it with its tweaking flute rhythm that compliments Squarepusher’s more relaxed nature from albums past. “Vindkode,” is a beat infested track that has a an attractive melody –both nimble in its electro style and structured all the way through –a standout by far. “Staying Pictures” has a sincere and thoughtful ambient quality to it that we’ve come to love from the Boards of Canada. (The comparisons to like-minded artists are a compliment to Karsten Pflum’s groove on Tracks, making this a worthwhile and memorable debut)

After several listens, it’s quite easy to say that Tracks is a beautifully rounded album. Well produced, and with a flavor of electronics that leaves you in reflective mode. Using a minimal hardware setup (no computers that is), Karsten Pflum successfully displays his musical passion with a sound that is very consistent, unique and appropriate for nighttime listening.

Tracks is out now on Worm Interface.

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