June :: The Human Target (June)

Complex pieces, warming works and an ability to structure tracks to really open up a dancefloor.

As the years of writing record reviews gather into a pool of wrinkled skin and fading youth I find myself getting a touch tautological. That happens with age, or lack of originality. Either way, I’m always surprised by the attention lavished on certain labels and artists by the electronic music media. Now I’m not sure how big said media is but they probably have some sway and they definitely do have darlings. One artist, and label, that seems to have dodged the attentive gaze of the journalists is June; and I don’t see why. Remixed by DJ Sprinkles and consistently serving up cracking 12”s Tsampikos Fronas is known, but to a much lesser extent than others extending the House project. But the Greek synth man doesn’t just focus on Chicago, New Wave has also been explored by this talented European. It is these two styles that form the bedrock for his latest EP, The Human Target.

Electricity courses through the opening attack. A thick wedge of Jack is thrown down. Claps and scales race, samples breaking into rippling toms for the hard-hitting “Direct Contact.” “S.A.D.H.” has the same ferocity, Chitown inspired sounds to rinse floors. But there is a subtle seam of synth running across the 12”. The title track sees Fronas traverse lines. 707 patterns are still there, cracking and splitting, but weighty chords begin to surface. New Beat energy arrives with industrial echoes for the twirling elegance of “Second Sight.” The closer marries aspects of House and Wave. Drum kicks and pads, samples and slender analogue bars for a multi-layered ending.

I can’t be certain if The Human Target will help June break into the columns of those who decide “what’s hot and what’s not.” I do know that this 12” is another example why this Greek artist demands more attention. Complex pieces, warming works and an ability to structure tracks to really open up a dancefloor. One other thing I do know, June is set for an album release on Suction Records soon and as they say, vinyl speaks louder than words.

The Human Target is available on June.

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