Helena Hauff & Andreas Gehm :: Helena Hauff Meets Andreas Gehm (Solar One)

Wretched and addictive, a sour sonorous drug to pollute the electronic populous.

helena-hauff-andreas-gehm_solar-oneSolar One Music has a track record of getting its hands dirty. In recent years the German label has begun to sink its fists in the mud of House and Acid. With records from Perseus Traxx, Mantra and Robert Witsch the addictive toxin of the TB303 has been infecting the label. That corrosive virus has spread to their latest EP, a split 12” of serpentine sound from two German machinists.

Helena Hauff has been in many the online mag of late. The Hamburg DJ and producer has only been releasing for just over a year, but she’s grabbed attention. Resident of Golden Pudel her first EP was picked up by Werk Discs and Ninja Tune, her second being a rough and ready Techno romp for Bunker’s Panzerkreuz and it’s from that fetid scorched ground that she returns. “Rupture” is late night, sweat in eyes, black eyed, blood in mouth Techno. Claps and bass hammer, Acid knuckles digging straight into rib-cages. Those bitter electric fists keep up the assault. “The Purely Painful Confrontation of Opposites” breaks beats into fizzing fear, synthesizer shrieks rising and falling amidst the crackle and pop. Andreas Gehm takes over for the flip. That same Acid terror is present. Knobs are jerked and wrenched for “HKX,” a flood of poison contaminating ears and minds. The final blow comes in the form of “Solar One.” Toms and claps rain. Bars squirm and shake as the Gehm digs the knife ever deeper.

From needle drop until run-out, this is a fecund and downright debased EP. Filth is poured atop grime as Hauff and Gehm use their machines to bring obscenity and profanity to speakers. Wretched and addictive, a sour sonorous drug to pollute the electronic populous.

Helena Hauff Meets Andreas Gehm is available on Solar One.

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