Haruo Okada + Fabio Perletta :: Genkai (LINE)

A cross between micro-tonal electronics, processed acoustic textures and sound ecology.

Haruo Okada + Fabio Perletta :: Genkai (LINE)

Fabio Perletta is an Italian sound artist (now living in Berlin) whose I discovered the music a couple of years ago with a series of editions for his own label Farmacia901. Perletta is also responsible of a number of publications from renown minimal soundscaping artists such as Asmus Tietchens, Yann Novack and Richard Chartier. Genkai is a collaborative effort with Haruo Okada (Pionner, Sound Lab) and is welcomed by Richard Chartier’s LINE imprit.

Perletta carries on the in depth exploration of aesthetic-ethical ideas related to Zen philosophy. Both artists are receptive to spiritual realms and sensitive to notions such as simplicity, silence, man and nature mutual communication, inner awareness and concrete harmony. Genkai—which means limit, boundary—is at a cross between micro-tonal electronics, processed acoustic textures and sound ecology. The result is abstractly meditative and ateological, largely built on long chordal vibes, timbral sequences, circular motifs and various accidental punctuations. The music suggests a state of tranquility and peacefulness but also of curious and original strangeness. Nothing substantially compelling here but a fine document in electronic minimalism and musique concrète with an original interest for micro soundscaping sceneries. As suggested by one Zen principle “Everything is silent, only the sounds of bells can be heard.”

Genkai is available on LINE.

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