GLOBAL NOISE :: The Great Harry Hillman, Tatran, Notilus

Rebellious, eclectic post-jazz theatricality from Swiss/German quartet The Great Harry Hillman, incendiary, otherworldly abstraction from Tel Aviv’s three-piece band Tatran, and futuristic, explosive fusions from French quintet Notilus. Three albums by three innovative young acts who boldly pave creatively boundless and captivatingly individual sonic paths.

The Great Harry Hillman :: Tilt (Cuneiform)

The Great Harry Hillman’s third album beautifully showcases a burst of exploratory tricky gymnastics. The quartet continues to explore post-jazz theatricality but with a heavier use of electronics which intensifies, expands and deepens its hallucinatory world of sound. The music flows with an ambient pulse, strikes with rock fierceness and magnetizes with the complexity, wildness and bizarreness of free jazz. This peculiar combination assembles a genre-defying and totally unexpected excursion. There are no empty technique displays or fancy solos included; these guys work together as a tight unit, one intelligent mechanism, in order to deliver something accessible yet fresh and strangely beautiful.

Tatran :: No Sides (Self-Released)

Offir Benjaminov (bass), Tamuz Dekel (guitar) and Dan Mayo (drums) already had a global enthusiastic fanbase before they released Shvat—their first album as Tatran—in 2014, thanks to their electric live shows around the world. In 2015 their second album, Soul Ghosts—a live concert recorded at Zappa Club in Tel Aviv—came out. This June the trio’s third album, No Sides was released. The compositions on the album are the outcome of a new modus operandi the trio has embraced. Each of the five demonstrates a complete transformation in sound and style. In contrast to the trio’s previous efforts, No Sides shows less emphasis on virtuosity and structure and focuses on free flowing, otherworldly abstraction and cohesiveness.

“Improvisation was always a big part of what we do, whether in writing, recording or playing live. This time we took it a step forward. No Sides is a recording of a concert, with us going on stage in front of the audience in a big hall with nothing prepared or planed, embracing the unknown and welcoming uncertainty,” say the guys in regards to the album’s concept. And indeed, they have managed to capture the dynamic, raw energy of their live shows but with the surgical precision and smoothness of a studio recording. Influenced by electronic music, jazz, rock, post-rock, experimental, classical music and more, they have created an indefinable emotionally open sonic tapestry full of nuance, mad skills, esoterica and atmosphere. It’s a trip through psychedelic uncharted territories that holds a true sense of adventure. No Sides is definitely the trio’s boldest and most crystallized effort to date. An outrageous and technically phenomenal artistic statement from three talented musicians who confidently follow their hearts and dare to break the rules.

Notilus :: S/T (Denovali)

The musical spectrum Notilus draws influence from is quite extensive. With this powerful debut album the five skillful instrumentalists deliver refreshingly futuristic big band music generated by drums, trombone, sax, trumpet and electronics. They take elements of jazz, dub, bass, hip hop, rock and electronica spiced with Balkan and cinematic flavors and cunningly weave them into rich pulsating wholes full of groove, infectious motifs, dynamic maneuvers and crafty manipulations. It’s a distinct group effort, one that doesn’t waste time on slow, endless building or stretching; these guys go straight to the point. Each of the ten compositions is dramatic and intense from the first second. Within each 3-5 minutes long composition there is enough going on to keep even the most frantic minds busy. This is really a colorful blast of creative, ingenious musicianship, an electrifying ride that flows smoothly and keeps the listener engaged all the way. Let’s hope these guys are here to stay.

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