DJ Glow & Patrick Pulsinger :: Radio Earth EP (Trust, 12inch)

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(10.21.07) TRUST is back, this time featuring two electro virtuosos from its own back yard: Patrick Pulsinger and DJ Glow. This collaborative wax marks a milestone for TRUST, the birth of a new partnership. These Viennese electro generators arrive on your turntable with three tracks.

The record, Radio Earth, opens with techno intensity in the form of “Floorwave.” In a hail of electro fire and techno brimstone the pair mould this wax. Acid tweaks, vintage beats and techno shifts make up this opener. The track has an analogue machine aggression that calls to mind that UR sound; a gritty, urban wasteland of gnarled factories and blackened buildings. That same minimal techdisdain and alienation is followed into “Plowing in the Dark,”, a track of stark and stripped electro. The 12″ finishes with “Television is Reality.” The track ghosts in with torn beats and spectral samples before injecting squalidsynthlines . The beats are sharp and fast, the chords addictive and floor driven, making this ultimate track on Radio Earth perhaps the electro number of the 12″.

With every release, TRUST is cementing its status in the world of electro. Glow and Pulsinger have released a record of varying electro styles, each track with its own leanings and intricacies to produce a 12″ that will be to the palette of any electro connoisseur.

Radio Earth is out now on TRUST.

  • DJ Glow / Patrick Pulsinger

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