Die Roh :: Change Car (Row)

Straddling the harder and softer sides of that ever diverse house sound.

Die Roh :: Change Car (Row)

It’s no trivial undertaking starting a record label. I can guarantee anyone who’s done it will say the same, especially a vinyl label. Cost. Time. Communication. Logistics. Delays. Cost. I tip my cap to anyone willing to take on such an endeavor, and will always try to offer a few words of encouragement when deserved.

Row Records is the beloved offspring of a Jena triumvirate: Christian Petzold, Alexander Neugebauer and Paul Orman. Barely out of the nest, having just been founded this year, and the Jena/Leipzig based imprint has just pressed its second 12”. The first release was quite a coup with Keita Sano and Paul Ormanns hooked for Row001. Enjoying the crest of a wave, their unique blend of styles finding favor with Strictly Groove, Mister Saturday Night and recently Vancouver’s 1080p.

Trusting their ear, whilst focusing on up and coming talent, the latest signing to the Row roster is the Italian partnership of Luca Segato and Marco Zanin aka Die Roh. The twosome have a smattering of vinyl, EPs peppering Muscle Records and Chiwax. Row002 (Change Car) sees the pairing continue their exploration of underworld electronics.

“Change Car” is a full bodied, fuzzed out work of contemporary house proportions. Thick cracked beats are blended with bass to form the bedrock from which twirling keys loop. Energies are built and rebuilt as the duo lay down a heavy track that will definitely make an impression on any floor. The flip is occupied by “To Find.” Much lighter in comparison to the A, the track circle quintessential New York diva samples above a foundation of lightly tinted drums. The finale comes from the hand of fellow minded musician Steve Murphy on remix duty. The original is softened. Swimming chords water down basslines while rhythms are diluted for a relaxed retake.

On listening to Row’s first two releases it’s pretty hard to guess what direction the label might be headed in. The dance-floor is present, but I wouldn’t be surprised by near anything from this German platform. This second installment is easier to define than Keith Sano’s EP. Die Roh have made a house 12”. Little simple, yes but give me a sec. It’s a house 12” that straddles the harder and softer sides of that ever diverse sound. “Change Car” is a bone rattler steeped in funk. “To Find” is from the traditions of the club but strafes away, sidestepping even further in moments of dub under Mr Murphy’s tutelage.

Change Car is available on Row. [Juno]

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