Dama :: theVoyage EP (Layer Based Human Activities)

Dama delivers coherent electron flows linked together via discernible phases of life.

The Greek are at it again. Layer Based Human Activities continue to forge ahead with their focus on sound and art merging together exquisitely. theVoyage is the latest offering by Dama (aka Danis Mallis, co-founder of net label 33recordings) which presents an impacting CD/DVD hinged box-set enclosed in a very creative double canvass casing. Two years in the making and the result is an experimental cross section of atmospheric music displaying the birth and death of a person.

The visual component of theVoyage speaks for itself. Dama takes a (literal) sonic journey to the next level via five audible time capsules—from inception to childhood, adolescence to adulthood and to our eventual feeble ends. The result is an impacting, all-engaged stream of consciousness showcasing the strings of life (and death) in a unique audio-visual panoramic. Dama delivers these coherent electron flows linked together via discernible phases of life. Analogous and synthetic drones are tethered to mechanical pulsars as detailed layers keep theVoyage connected to various coordinates of this circular cosmic spot.

Voyage 1.1 —26°12′16″S 28°2′44″E (Africa—the birth)
Voyage 2 —30°3′29″N 31°13′44″E (Egypt—childhood years)
Voyage 3 —37°58′N 23°43′E (Greece—adulthood)
Voyage 4 —48°51′24″N 2°21′03″E (France—middle aged)
Voyage 5 —41°8′44″N 73°59′42″W (America—the death)

theVoyage is available on Layer Based Human Activities. [Soundcloud]

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