Cynthia :: Between Two Worlds (Shimmering Moods)

A strange, obsessional, spooky and mysteriously menacing noisy ambient release.

Video Premiere—Cynthia :: Between Two Worlds (Shimmering Moods)

Drawing its path in the world of modern ambient music (from experimental, to noise, avant-folk, primitive then abstract tendencies), Shimmering Moods offers here a new beautifully hand-made and meticulously conceived edition. It welcomes the sound art and free-form noisy project Cynthia. Supposedly released by a renown ambient / experimental artist who in all discretion is using here the pseudonym of Cynthia, this album titled Between Two Worlds metaphorically raised central questions about human relationship and its complexity, ambiguity, paradoxical facet and dynamic structure.

The musical soundscapes seem to explore more explicitly the problem of inter-communication and mutual understanding, the psychological suffering, loss, irritability and social isolation it generates. The noisy induced sound tapestry brightly serves the subjective interpretation. The result is quite efficient, intentionally insisting on heavily treated noisy assaults, distorted minimalism and seriously blackened sonic experiments. However this album is not exclusively devoted to bleak noises, introducing very soothing-ghostly ambient sequences which sometimes give to the ensemble an elegant melancholic mood (in the self-titled track). We can feel an aesthetic proximity with moody and merciless industrial-scapes by Genocide Organ,  Maeror Tri (early tapes), Stratvm Terror as well as hauntology-mnemonic ambient tales and esoteric experiments by Philip Jeck, or Leyland Kirby. A strange, obsessional, spooky and mysteriously menacing noisy ambient release.

Between Two Worlds is available on Shimmering Moods.

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