Claudia :: We've met before, when we were… (Audiobulb, CD)

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(10.02.06) Critiquing a musician’s work is as subjective as looking at a piece of art and doing the same. Personal taste, preference, and tolerance all play a role in whether or not the sounds you take a listen to are appealing.

That said, I guess I’m never going to jump on the bandwagon of music like Claudia’s. Whatever you’d call it–sub Glitch or scratch Glitch, or some other term for the electronic subgenre… it’s not for me.

We’ve met before, when we were… is the debut release of Justin Varis on Audiobulb Records. It’s nine tracks of disjointed bleeps, astringent clicks and harsh non-sequiturs. And while I’m sure there are plenty of electronica-philes out there who will enjoy this CD, it just lacks the soul and the flavor that I’m partial to.

This is not music for those who need a hook, a beat, a groove, or a pleasant background soundtrack. It’s a mish-mash of noise, a collage of samples put together with no apparent rhyme or reason. Hey, I appreciate a musician’s artistic license to experiment and do whatever moves them. I just can’t appreciate this particular effort. My ears demand something less harsh and experimental. But that’s just a matter of personal taste.

We’ve met before, when we were… is out now on Audiobulb.

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