Chris Clark :: Empty The Bones of You (Warp, CD)

453 image 1(07.28.03) Conceived on the US leg of Warp’s Magic Bus Tour in 2002, Chris Clark developed and tweaked Empty The Bones of You to a finite point where flooded ambiences and faded memories dance with deserted beats. Cultivated with subsequent live lap-top sets, Clark’s latest outing on Warp Records is finely tuned and crafted with a more bass-friendly attitude compared to his debut Clarence Park full-length. There’s a sense of precision in every crusty beat where Skam-like creativity is brushed against genuine melodies. Distorted vocal clips ricochet off textured hip-hop grooves while cemented basslines flourish in a sea of digital decay. It’s moments like these when you realize that Empty The Bones of You is so memorable. 14 relatively short tracks manage to somehow hook you into their skittering electronic allure; A sure improvement from previous output by Chris Clark this time around. With an emphasis on soundtrack driven ambience and distracted percussive highlights, Empty The Bones of You outdoes itself by capturing subtle undercurrents and coating them with a gritty feel. Fans of Skam, MAS, Schematic and Merck Records take note and take cover.

Empty The Bones of You is out now on Warp.


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