Ch District vs. Duuster :: Chemical Elements 1.0 (M-Tronic, CD)

What happens when two distinct forces are blended into one chemical element? Do these forces oppose each other or are they instantly compatible? In the case of this first concept session of split-CD’s on France’s burgeoning M-Tronic label, the compatibility factor is mutual on both sides. On Chemical Elements 1.0 both Ch District (Poland) and Duuster (Holland) concentrate their slices of sound-manipulation to form a diverse musical experience of digital decay and abstract experimentations.

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It is easy to say that Ch District (a.k.a. Miroslaw Matyasik) and Duuster (a.k.a. Ton Driessens) combine uniquely crafted digital distortions on this May, 2003 release of Chemical Elements 1.0. The result of such a collaborative entity reveals surreal ambiences and abrupt layers of percussion much in the style of (early) Autechre as well as Gridlock, Somatic Responses and Codec. Abrasively intact rhythms slide smoothly across a sea of slippery clicks and tweaks. But this isn’t the entire recipe. A certain mood is ever present throughout Chemical Elements 1.0 that is mysteriously detailed and complex in the same instant. While Duuster breathes life into decaying machines in an abandoned chemical factory, Ch District blends obscure breaks next to funky melodic rhythms and treated ambiences. When absorbing such a mixture of chemicals, the resultant is a sincere split-CD of meticulous electronics treading on the post-industrial side of the spectrum. Without forgetting the fact that each artist respectively compliments each others sound, both Ch District and Duuster have an atmospheric element that is all encompassing if not addictive.

We’re looking forward to further installations in the Chemical Elements series of split releases. With such a gratifying introduction, it won’t be any surprise to see M-Tronic reach critical acclaim by electronic music enthusiasts and critics the world over.

Chemical Elements 1.0 is OUT NOW on M-Tronic.

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