Bovaflux :: Red Sector/Phat Ruers ([d]-tached, 12")

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Whilst maintaining characteristics of the classic experimental electronic artists that influenced him (Black Dog, Squarepusher, Plaid etc.), Eddie Symons – aka Bovaflux – turns his hand to creating new interpretations of underground musical forms by making them his own. Symons extracts elements of garage and jungle music, warps and twists them in all directions and adds a measure of C64 nostalgia to create his own brand of experimental dance music.

Preceding his Inside and Out EPs on Struktur and a further reinterpretation of the UK garage sound with his next [d]-tached release Inside the Megatree/Toolshed, Symons debut release on his own [d]-tached Recordings label is the 2-track 12-minute Red Sector/Phat Ruers single. “Red Sector” bears all the hallmarks of Symons’ years of experience in computer game programming with its 8-bit bleeps meshed with elastic garage breaks. Not content with that, Symons twists the bass and brings in some tinny drum ‘n’ bass beats to turn the whole thing on its head.

“Phat Ruers” lifts the pace further with a break-neck journey into 226bpm acid jungle while adding a layer of sweeping ambience and gentle melody under the whole thing. Being able to extract the more recognizable elements of modern dance and urban music, manipulate them into something entirely different and mix them with other completely unrelated styles might sound like a recipe for disaster, but Symons is selective with his choice of sounds and how he interprets them, often adding a slightly tongue-in-cheek mischievous element to the finished article.

Red Sector/Phat Ruers and Inside the Megatree/Toolshed are out now on [d]-tached Recordings (UK).

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