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Eddie Symons has quietly been releasing tracks for some time under the Bovaflux moniker and now brings us his full-length Bovaflux album on CDR, with top notch graphic design and packaging. Releasing the album in limited numbers free to those requesting a copy and publishing the tracks for free download on his website, Symons’ music deserves wider exposure.

Reminiscent of the classic experimental electronic releases of early 90’s that Symons is influenced by, Bovaflux is by no means a retro album or in any way trying to replicate the golden age of the genre. Symons takes the best and most memorable aspects of the era and combines them with newer musical styles such as breaks, jungle and 2-step to create a slick hybrid of the two forms. Each track is beautifully constructed, encompassing a number of styles while maintaining a distinct cohesive flow from track to track.

Largely centred on breaks of various kinds, Symons also incorporates a melodic backdrop and a classic ambient techno flavour into his work. Seamlessly shifting styles in mid-flow, a track such as “Falling” effortlessly encompasses abstract electronic music, melodic drifting ambience and fast paced jungle in the space of 4 minutes. Elsewhere, “Snow” hints at classic Aphex Twin, “Big Silly” resembles Orbital style techno dance and “Cooling Tower” presents us with a slice of dark ambient broodiness.

Bovaflux may not present any astounding new direction in electronic music but it is wonderfully produced with sufficient shifts in pace and style to create a very pleasing listening experience. This album should have something for everyone and, if nothing else, spark people’s interest in Bovaflux as an artist and leave them curious as to Symons’ future output.

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