Bauri :: Lakonia EP (Neo Ouija)

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After hearing several impressive songs by Bauri on such compilations as Aurora (Merck), Initial Release (Surgery), Cottage Industries (Neo Ouija), Smakfull Elektronik (Saundart), and others, I thought I’d invest $10 on his new EP entitled Lakonia on the U.K.’s Neo Ouija label. After listening to this record several times, I found myself comparing it to Render period Lassigue Bendthaus. Beautiful, lush melodies, extremely intricate programming, and outstanding production are all present here in full force. A couple stand-outs here include “Glitnir”, with it’s sharp, steady beats and flowing melodies, the title track, and the lovely “Vintertar”, which presents hauntingly beautiful melodies layered upon bubbling, popping percussion. This is probably the most “electronic” sounding record I’ve heard in a long time. I only wish I had this excellent release in digital form.

Lakonia is a refreshing and addictive release of modern electronica by the always-intriguing and decidedly imaginative Martin Abrahamsson.


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