Automatic Tasty :: Sentimentalist’s Choice (Central Processing Unit)

There seems to be a thawing in the Central Processing Unit output. In spite of the drop in temperature outside Sheffield Bleep’s label has decided to leave behind the frostier sounds of Electro. The aural cockles are being warmed  by Ireland’s Automatic Tasty and the Sentimentalist’s Choice.

“Sentimentalist’s Choice” is an Acid clad opener. Warm analogue lines are woven between gentle snares, some classic Chicago samples cutting through the ribbons of 303. “Late in the Afternoon” is a softened piece of autumnal Techno, lush melodies mingling amidst full bodied bass. Old school sounds descend for the flip. Samples are employed as the tempo rises. A playful and fun piece that smacks of Ceephax Acid Crew.  “Widow Funk” is the darkest of the quartet, but with Automatic Tasty the blacker side of electronics is rarely the destination. Thick beats pierce the flow of trademark 303 melt to close.

Jonny Dillon’s sound is constantly compared to Richard.D.James’ Analord series. In a way this pigeon-holing is a pity. True, ‘ole Aphex Twin did explore that frenetic and warm 303 style first but that was near ten years ago. Artists like Automatic Tasty, EOD and FAH are now continuing the project started by the Cornwall man rather than emulating it. Perhaps the title of Dillon’s latest EP is a reference to that retrospective curse. The bleeps and plinks of Automatic Tasty may always call up that Rephlex series, but the Wicklow man has made that sound his own.

Sentimentalist’s Choice is available on Central Processing Unit.

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