Autechre :: Draft 7.30 (Warp, CD/LP)

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(04.23.03) What else is there to say? Yet another Autechre release and one that finds the meticulous and pioneering duo of Sean Booth & Rob Brown massaging their sound-escapes with even more precision and engineering. The preceding Gantz Graf EP left the audience to wonder if Ae would further develop their mangled electronic mayhem or if in fact they’d calm down and amplify the vibe to a more earthly level. Well, Draft 7.30 tends to point closer to the latter effect; Elements of well preserved bass-rhythms and disjointed beats tumble all across the landscape while time shifts and melody chunks are casually tossed in the mix. As if almost alive, Draft 7.30 dissolves into the subconscious as a complete entity of escalated experiments going back in time and stepping directly into the future. Comparable to EP7 and Tri-Repetae, Autechre have drafted the blueprints of electronics for several years to come.. as expected.

Draft 7.30 is out now on Warp.

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