Asymmetrical Head :: Proper/Random (Bewegung)

Crafting leftfield sonic details with precision and distinctive textural appeal.

Active for the past decade, Southern California-based William Rosario (aka Asymmetrical Head) delivers Proper/Random which could (unfortunately) be his last outing with this moniker. Perhaps leaving on a high-note, his latest segues through an electrical field of eroded noise, mild-tempered distortion and oftentimes finds itself in a myriad of downtempo percussive deconstructs.

“FSCK-F” offers glitched-out tentacles and hip-hop forms as “11101” features a slow moving crunch and brooding bass. Maneuvering 8-bit minimal mechanical-techno via “Oiren,” there are a few disjointed clicks and cuts recalling early Mille Plateaux days. An undulating bass takes over on “Suggestive Stretching” where audio-scribbles and subterranean modular buzzing fly overhead as an avalanche of cutup vocal bytes and skewed rhythmic patterns evolve. Adjusting gears and switches, synthesized blips and bleeps fall away on “Davenport”—lights flicker off and on as fuzzy drones meander. A subconscious 14-minute soundtrack to uncharted worlds is revealed on “Surface To Air” which best represents a change of musical pace and space; the turbulent noises, swirling particles and uneven terrain disspates in time. “Typical Display”—offered as one of the five bonus tracks—filters streams of data from Gestalt Communications as broken beats dabble with crumpled glitch and electrical clips.

In all, Proper/Random is evidence that Asymmetrical Head has/had quite a bit to showcase, crafting leftfield sonic details with precision and distinctive textural appeal.

Proper/Random is available on Bewegung.

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