Arnaud Lazlaud :: Le Malade Roi/Elan. (Kernkrach)

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(03.26.08) Hertz-Schrittmacher is a subsidiary of Kernkrach and is an imprint
with a focus on New Wave and Synth-Electro. New Wave is one of those
terms that doesn’t really have a fully fledged definition, maybe a
little like trying to explain postmodernism in the pub. To most, New
Wave is a sound quite centered around the synthesizer with chords being
foundational and vocals propping up the machine sound. When done well
New Wave is a fantastic sound, a sound too often breezed over by
electronic music zealots. Not Hertz-Schrittmacher, they are here to
breathe new life into New and promote artists from across the globe
that are still creating the coldly catchy sound. The label’s latest
serving is by Arnaud Lazlaud, a 7″ only release of two tracks “Le
Malade Roi/Elan.”

The translucent red record opens with “Le Malade
Roi.” As soon as the needle touches this 7″ sublime synthlines are
offered from the speakers. Vocals are contributed by Xavier Paradis,
vocals that blend seamlessly with the crisp beats and a solid tempo to
produce a track that would warm any club floor. “Le Malade Roi” is a
piece that captures the addictive analog sound of quality New Wave,
blending some heartbreak lyrics with some pure electro sound.
Synthesizers flow onto the flipside with “Elan.” A clean and warm
drumulator style backing props up some amazing analogue work before
vocal slide in. Once more, that addictive and magnetic aspect is there
as choice melodies are combined with deep lyrics. The track comes to a
close with a fantastic, energy filled synthesizer solo; bringing this
lovely New Wave snippet to a close.

There can be only one complaint with Arnaud Lazlaud’s release, it is too short. Two tracks is a tease.
These pieces are what New Wave was, and what it can still be; music
that calls the listener back again and again. Two tracks are not
enough, and more is needed. But, this is hardly an issue to gripe
about. This is the height of recommendation and endorsement. Sometimes
electronic music, the sound can get stale quickly; not with New Wave.
The melodies are so engrossing, the lyrics so engaging and the effect
so enticing that once heard New Wave is in the bloodstream and becomes
a necessity for everyday living. Hardy congratulations to artist and
label are deserved, but such quality must be maintained and this can
be easier said than done.

Le Malade Roi/Elan. is out now on Kernkrach.

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