Diffuse Arc :: Olivia EP (Caustica Waveform)

Analog ripples of the past are audible across the 12” but so is a strong look to the future.

Arc Diffuse :: Olivia EP (Caustica Waveform)

I’ve been in an out of Pozuelo train station many, many, many, times since my last meeting with Caustica Waveform’s founder. Since then the sun of Spain has wane, but now it is returning. With this, the electronic music scene in Madrid is heating up. More and more names are coming to the capital to deliver sets from behind banks of machines and Technics. And this change in climate has brought out Diffuse Arc with his latest EP, Olivia.

“Classical Mechanics” introduces the 12”. Thick pads and fragile beats give way to shimmering synth in this delicate work. That same staggered quality, analog ambling, comes through in “Reversible Process” as well. The lines between techno, electro and electronica are toyed with. Rinses and warmth build, subtlety ebbs and flows as textured tones are laid atop one another. House influences are immediate apparent as “Entropy” drips from speakers. The low gurgle of a 303 stalks the background, claps culminating in energetic bursts. Once again that complexity in composition is present, a wealth of complementing sonic strands woven together into a soulful stream. His style brings together a myriad of genres lovingly melted into one another. The finale, “Information Theory,” comes from the annals of 90s Britain. Lush chords and enveloping notes set against a beatless scape.

I was very impressed by Caustica Waveform’s first outing. I think I’m even more impressed by the second. Diffuse Arc’s music is at once familiar but also quite individual. Tracks across Olivia have a wonderful depth. Analog ripples of the past are audible across the 12” but so is a strong look to the future.

Olivia is available on Caustica Waveform.

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