Anopolis :: Dimokritou EP (Lower Parts)

Drum machine programming is taken to a new level for Dimokritou.

Anopolis :: Dimokritou (Lower Parts)

Anopolis’ Akropoleos is a record that I’ve practically worn out through overplay, and it’s only been out for two years! It’s a cracking record, one that brings together house, wave, dark and light for a 12” I’ve returned to again and again and again.

Drum machine programming is taken to a new level for Dimokritou. Chicago rhythms whirr, bending and breaking under to this quartet’s will. “Anopolis 13” is the most reminiscent of Akropoleos. Heavily vocodered samples bulge behind melting bars and crisp beats for a sleek piece of synth music. “Anopolis 15” has some of those same smooth attributes. Tempos are up, hi-hats and cymbals fizzing as a skittering ribbon unfurls into a full and flowing melody. “Anopolis 16” is the greasy, acid smeared cousin. Cold keys cascade, claps clatter and 303 squirm in this mutating beast. “Anopolis 15” is then given The Hieroglyphic Being Experience. Mr Moss demonstrates why is one of the best rhythm programmers around. Drums roll, rollick and rumble, snares shower and hi-hats fly in a remix of warm washes, grinding frustration and enviable quality. The final cut, “Anopolis 13”, is the least ferocious of the four. Indecipherable vocals are ensnared by bubbling 303 chords, crisp claps keeping time.

This Greek quartet has put me in a difficult position. I’m torn. Torn between whether I prefer their first 12”, which I’ve almost worn clean, or if this new EP is better. They’re different, this latest being that bit rawer, that bit grimier and blacker. But this isn’t a competition. The real question is when will a label outside of Greece pick these guys up for a release? Soon, is the obvious answer.

Dimokritou is available on Lower Parts.

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