Android Lust :: Devour, Rise and Take Flight (Projekt, CD)

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(02.10.06) In this forbidden land of blips, metal sounds and splintered beats, we move through the dark-lands, carrion calling, for some new frequencies, something to implode in the distance, and make us stand up and take notice that something unique was set off here. Fate and purpose now have a new name: Android Lust. The new album, Devour, Rise and Take Flight simply defies description. The wonderfully warped, mind-bending assault is strangely cohesive in that we are walking though the mind of Shikhee, writer, performer and creator of Android Lust.

Pushing the barrier forward, this new record takes us into new and refreshing territory. “Wicked Days” first caught my ear as a captivating track, with so much feeling and depth upon hearing it once, I immediately wanted to hear it again. “Fell The Empty Mask” was another crystal heart track for me (crystal heart means honest, cold and brutal). “Memory Game” is another fantastic track with a great line in it: “Seems my memory has stalled/words mean nothing at all.” I just thought this was bent… and of course “Dragonfly” is bombastically cool, but as a preference I like the “Low” version on the single.

How different this disc was caught me off guard, which any progressive underground disc should… knock you on your ass and you should say wow. This did for me. The album title Devour, Rise and Take Flight reflects the ascension of the artist, Shikhee, fine-tuning her craft into an intelligent audio assault. The boundaries have been broken, now enjoy the storm.

Devour, Rise and Take Flight is out now on Projekt.

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