Ambidextrous / Novel 23 :: Cross Split #1 EP (Shaped Harmonics)

Ambidextrous and Novel 23 have been shaping sounds for the past few years, and have made a noticeable splash in many digital electronic fields. On this upcoming split 12″ for Shaped Harmonics (RU), Ambidextrous and Novel 23 create tunes that dip into a sonic palette of sometimes dark, but mostly upbeat electronic happiness. With the Moscow, Russia based Art-Tek label leading the way for the future of homegrown glitch-ambience, Novel 23 (Roman Belousov) and Ambidextrous (Nick Zavriev) have branched out with digital layers of debris that is sure to tickle your ears.

Looking for robotic music with a melodic twist? Skittery beats diced with pleasant rhythms? Well, Cross Split #1 is a fine product of two individuals who’s aim is to create atmospheric electronica with a wholesome Russian twist.

A-side on this (upcoming) 12″ contains three tracks by Ambidextrous –“Sindance” is remixed by Novel 23 and is the highlight of the entire EP. “Visotopia” and “Vox Box” cleans up the A-side leaving you with a craving for more of the Ambidextrous soundwave.

B-Side contains three tracks by Novel 23 in a similar style to his Melodies of Childhood For Advanced Imagination (Pitchcadet). The dark and snappy beats on this side looped with ambient washes creates a very peaceful picture of rolling green hills on the countryside on a clear blue day. “The Gateway From Fairy-Tale” is remixed by Ambidextrous with an array of loopy melodic fragments, and subtle clicky beats around the edges. “Walk Now” and “M.L.” finish the B-side of this well executed EP.

The Cross Split #1 Ep gives robotic machine music a warm vibe while the digital chaos within remains controlled, calm, and soothing.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Novel 23

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