Akira Kosemura :: 虹の彼方 – Seven Colors Variations (Schole)

seven-colors-variations虹の彼方 (or “Niji no Kanata”—beyond the rainbow) is the kind of sweet pop song only the Japanese can pull off with a straight face in front of a jaded adult audience and be met with heartfelt applause. Written by Akira Kosemura and sung by the silken voiced Iasah, it features Muneki Takasaka (also known as Paniyolo) on lovely acoustic guitar wafting along with the vocals on Kosemura’s cloud candy programming.

The first single off a forthcoming new album, it is accompanied by seven remixes, the Seven Colors Variations of the subtitle. I Am Robot and Proud is metronomically precis, Metome jerky, daft punk disco. Toshiyuki Yasuda puts Iasah under Californian blue skies with a soft breeze keeping her cool. Shaved into thin, curling flakes by Madegg, atomized and ambientized by Lawrence English, [.que] closes with an intimate interpretation flung wide-open to soar in celebration.

A healthy forty-minute single with an additional kicker—on the label website singers can audition to appear on a further song on the album, and remixers are invited to submit their wares for possible uploading.

虹の彼方 – Seven Colors Variations is available on Schole.

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