Five questions with The Smoke Clears

Producer John Daly has camouflaged himself under his The Smoke Clears moniker for the second time and released the project’s second output last month via Dublin’s All City. Igloo Magazine managed to catch Daly for a quick Q & A. Read what he had to say and stream the album and the hallucinatory video for “Heaven Sent” below.

Five questions with The Smoke Clears

Celestial resonance

Daly has crafted a deep yet catchy and irresistible affair that contains influence from luminary acts in the field but doesn’t copycat. The self-titled creation is an eight-track album of warm and luminous downtempo electronica infused with retro flavors. It’s a timeless celestial piece, filled with crunchy beat construction, dreamy themes and a pulsating, magnetic drive. Some might say it’s a nocturnal sonic creature, and indeed it works beautifully at night, but The Smoke Clears will go down smoothly any hour of the day.

Igloo logo There’s a strong retro feel to the new album. Tell us a bit about your musical influences.

Daly :: Everything from David Crosby to Larry Levan, jazz, techno…electronic music…all other kinds of deep shit. If it’s not deep I dont want to know about it.

Igloo logo Tell us about the machines involved in the making of the album.

Daly :: Actually it’s mostly computer made this time. A little bit of MPC here and there but 90 percent drum samples and one particular soft synth.

Igloo logo What can you tell us about the album’s artwork.

Daly :: It was done by donal. I really like it. It’s autumn winter music and the artwork really suits that.

Igloo logo Any plans on going live with this new material?

Daly :: Yes, I’ll play it live at Wigwam in Dublin on 22nd october. The set is sounding really hot so I’m really looking forward to it.

Igloo logo What’s spinning on heavy rotation at your house these days?

Daly :: Black Sabbath, Run the Jewels, the new Daniel Lanois album…also the Frank Ocean album is really something.

The Smoke Clears is available on All City.

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