Five questions for Crackling Claps

London, England’s Crackling Claps pushes low-end frequencies to no apparent end and has done so for just over a year. Label operator Wine Not (WN) directs the label in true artistic form as each release scratches the surface of dub, bass and experimental strains.

Igloo Magazine :: When did Crackling Claps start up and what was your inspiration?

Crackling Claps :: Crackling Claps was opened in the summer of 2012 by Wine Not. There was a time for him, when he was overwhelmed by several business projects and the music world. Finally, he came up with the idea of the need to exploit its strengths in both areas and to establish a record label.

Igloo :: Who were some of your initial artist relations and did your location help or hinder progress?

WN :: Our initial artists included FREnchfire, Bimbotronic and Cain, which are all very talented guys and still with us. London really helped us to distribute our name because of various parties and such. As well as Lithuania, our showcases were held in festivals such as Supynes and Satta with Cain, Genda and Cholombian.

Igloo :: What were some of the challenges (if any) starting up a label? …and how did you envision the label to stand apart?

WN :: I do believe the main challenge of any business and label is to get it known in the beginning. We try to let our music speaks for itself.

Igloo :: What is your motivation in keeping the label moving forward into the next decade?

WN :: Spreading artistic music to the world, making our artists known and gathering music lovers of our music!

Igloo :: Tell us more about how you (and your staff?) take the label’s “sound” to the listeners and fans. Distribution, campaigns, live shows, word of mouth etc.

WN :: Without mentioning me and other publishers that are working with the label, it is worth mentioning our talented art designer Arturas Nauseda (AN). His unique hand-made art has been seen by many as one of the best. Also, our mastering and mixing engineer Konstantin Semionov, which is probably one of the best London-based young talents—his relationship with the quality of sound is very unique. All other things, such as radio, events (etc.) come from me or my assistant.

For more information about Crackling Claps, visit [Soundcloud | Facebook]

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