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(08.20.08) BERLIN and electronic music are synonymous. When you think of dingy electronic clubs and fast paced techno dens the German capital is not far from the mind. It is at 21 Schliemannstr, near the trendy area of Prenzlauerberg in the East of a city, that a record store resides. It is here, on this quiet pass, that Das Drehmoment lives. In 2002 the store decided to turn its hand to running a record label. It can be a dangerous endeavor but it can pay dividends, Clone being a perfect example. Das Drehmoment were not fixated with the electronics that seemed to dominate the time, they took their influences from a host of sounds; from Kraftwerkian electro to British techno, from early electronic disco releases and italo to new wave synth pop and IDM. In 2005 and early 2006 the label showcased its evolving sound with their two 5th Anniversary’ compilations, LP releases featuring artists like Beta Evers, MAS 2008, Sneak-Thief , Kitbuilders and more. The label was developing its own electronic identity, having similarities to the likes of Ersatz Audio, Viewlexx and Suction Records whilst developing its own style. Drehmoment DJ’s helped to promote their sound by injecting clubs across the city with their dirty disco and dissatisfied electro feel. In 2007 Suicide Booth and Dream Disco released 12s on the Berlin label, both of which were enthusiastically received by the electronic masses; an enthusiasm reflected by the high places achieved by each in the CBS Top 100 of 2007. Now with 2008 well underway Das Drehmoment return from the pressing plants with two new offers, firstly Keen K and the Structures EP.

Keen K, aka Kai Ludeling, released Das Drehmoment’s debut 12″ under his Divider moniker. Now Ludeling gives six new tracks on a limited EP. The record opens with the title piece, “Structures.” The piece is a multi-layered piece of electro, taking on elements of electronica in its complex composition. The track is deeply atmospheric, with slices of contorted vocals and split beats embedded into the rippling melody. “8 Plus Beat” stays in the atmospheric electro area but has a much more striped down sound, with simpler analogue tones and rhythms “Ant Test” harks back to an electronic feel of the 90s, but one decidedly German. There is something A.D.S.R. or Sendertechnik about the piece, bordering more into electronica but again having that ear-friendly analogue feel. “B Love” follows down a similar line to its predecessor with “Retro 4 20” moving into more computer music territory. The record finishes up with the crunched up electro movements of “White Bit.”

This Summer saw Das Drehmoment releasing a new double LP compilation: Ruckwarts im Uhrzeigersinn. Kalson, a new artist, opens the record with some wonderful spacey electro with a disco edge: “Pulsar II.” DJ Gio MC505 lands with some sinister horror style electro before Lesbian Mouseclicks inject the chilly new wave number “Double Deja Vu.” The album moves constantly, shifting its soundbase like nervous feet, turning from cosmic influences to underworld fringe electro. Replicant gives nu disco inspired love electro with “Forbidden” before Makina Girgir drops his brand of electronix. Jacques Dubroix forces an aggressive dancefloor electro killer just before it’s time to put on the second LP.

Serbian DJ and producer Direct Control opens with “Drive My Spaceship.” The track has all the elements of a Cybernetic Broadcasting System favourite, despondent lyrics of a galactic tint with minimal floor centred sounds. The duo of Makina Girgir and Imiafan in the form of Kepeslap bring in the spacey synth “Mirror” before Aube favorites Starcluster move in with the disco pop “Jusqu a la Fin” featuring German singer Elke Brauweiler. Dream Disco follow with the instrumental “Get Away” before two EBM monsters storm in. Datafreq gives the vocoder powered electro number “The Only Place I Go” before Polygamy Boys offer the dirty “Man Against Man.” Greg Punkov follows down a similar raw line before Hardleft eases the record to a close with some synth action.

Das Drehmoment are moving in different directions of electronic music. The Berlin imprint does not take a single sound line, but dips into a variety of styles and moods. Das Drehmoment has a club tone, it is not just promoting a sound that is one for headphones but one for real electronic discos. Theirs is a sound that is not forceful or overpowering, but a one that is intelligent and energy filled; this is precisely the reason that electric zealots are turning to the Schliemann Strasse occupants for their electronic fix.

For more information about Das Drehmoment, visit their website here.

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