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Miwon (aka Hendrik Kroez) is the latest addition to the colorful n5MD roster. This April he released his third album, Jigsawtooth, via the influential Oakland-based imprint. Talk Talk, Hitchcock, Moog Sub 37, Russian herb liquor; read about what gets the Berlin-based electronica wizard’s creative juices flowing.

The first album you bought?

Talk Talk / “It’s My Life” – mainly because of the hit singles “Such A Shame” and “It’s My Life” (for the sake of completeness, the second album in my bag was Kajagoogoo / “White Feathers”). Talk Talk weren’t as slick as other 1980s bands and Mark Hollis’ voice was unmistakable. Years later they released two albums that moved me even more – “Spirit of Eden” and “Laughing Stock”.

The last album you were addicted to?

Low / “Ones and Sixes” – reminding me of their unforgettable concert at Lido Berlin. There weren’t any ascended mobile phones in the first rows (I hate this kind of thing!), so everyone had a clear view of the stage where the three took their time for celebrating their unique slowcore – acoustic landslides now and then. “Ones and Sixes” is Low’s eleventh studio album and for me it’s their best. Next up: most likely “Narkopop” by Gas.

A movie you can always watch?

I can’t think of any personal cult movie. But when there’s Hitchcock on TV I seldom switch channels – the master of suspense always gets me, no matter if I already know the ending. And listening to Bernard Herrmann’s intense soundtracks is always worth the trouble.

A book you couldn’t stop reading?

“Eye of the Needle” by Ken Follett – a classic spy thriller, set in World War II and centered on a completely ruthless character who’s able to prevent the victory of the goodies. But then Faber makes a fatal mistake… This was my first Ken Follett novel and I think I want more.

The weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on stage or in the studio?

In 2008 I played at an open air festival in Siberia. People were dancing and the atmosphere was really nice when two chaps walked on stage, planted themselves next to me and said – “This is good music. Can we have it?”. Without waiting for an answer one of them rammed a USB stick in my laptop while I was still playing. Fortunately the organizer happened to observe the event and knew how to resolve the situation with style – by pouring out a round of hearty Russian herb liquor.

A favorite piece of equipment?

It’s really amazing what plug-ins can do and how accurately they emulate synth classics, not to speak of their convenience and extra functions not available on the original hardware. But they seldom make my heart beat faster – which is the case with my Moog Sub 37 synth. It makes a great deal of effort to produce sounds that are surprising or maybe unique. Putting delay or reverb on them makes it even more interesting and allows me to shape pads out of monophonic sources.

A reaction to your music you’ll never forget?

I used to write for a couple of music magazines myself, so I know what it’s like to deal with mediocre CDs, florid promo sheets and short deadlines. But that doesn’t excuse the rant of a british journalist having a go at my first single “Brother Mole”: He wrote that “singing about animals in a child-like voice should only be allowed for a) children and b) Richard D. James”. Hey, wait a minute! Well, nevermind.

Jigsawtooth is available on n5MD.

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