BITS & PIECES with Christopher Tignor

Composer, violinist and programmer Christopher Tignor has released a stunning new record via the multifaceted Western Vinyl imprint this month. Igloo Magazine asked him for just a few bits and pieces about his life…

BITS & PIECES with Christopher Tignor

Image by Ebru Yildiz

The first album you bought?

Poison: “Open Up and Say…Ahh!” (cassette).

The last album you were addicted to?

The dirty truth about most musicians I know is that we’re working so hard on our own music that we rarely have time to get “Addicted” to other people’s music. High-quality work tends to require a focus approaching narcissistic exclusion. So, from the past, maybe “Aerial M” self-titled by Mr. David Pajo or David Lang’s “The Passing Measures”.

A movie you can always watch?

“Aliens” or “Manhattan”.

A book you couldn’t stop reading?

I typically read books until the end. I rarely give up, which is for quitters, and I rarely re-read, preferring to simply remember. The book I’m currently working on, which will take a long long time given it’s a tome and I almost only get to read fiction on the subway, is Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses”.

The weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on stage or in the studio?

About 15 years ago, I once had to repatch a max patch on the fly during a performance in order to save the day. Rookie era.

A favorite piece of equipment?

A 440 Clarissima Tuning Fork. By Wittner.

A description of your music you’ll never forget?

Ornette Coleman suggested my first LP for Slow Six should be used in hospitals to cure brain cancer.

Christopher Tignor‘s new album, Along a Vanishing Plane, is available on Western Vinyl. Listen to the opening track, “We Keep This Flame” and watch the lovely video of “Shapeshifting” below.

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