Subheim :: Trails EP Track Premiere (Denovali)

The Berlin-based producer returns to Denovali armed with Trails, a brand new 4-track EP featuring his boldest and deepest work to date plus a pulsating, hypnotic techno-ish remix from label mate John Lemke. Scroll down for an exclusive stream of the EP’s third track, “Forsaken Part II.”

Subheim :: Trails EP (Denovali)

In the course of a decade Kostas K. has been exploring ritualistic ambient and downtempo electronica districts as Subheim. Slowly but surely he developed a peculiar and eclectic world of sound that got richer and deeper with each album he released. Last year’s Foray demonstrated his strongest work up until that moment, and now, just when it seems impossible to go any further down those sonic districts, Subheim delivers a crystallized work that takes his world of sound to a higher level.

Trails confidently holds some of the signature characteristics of previous Subheim albums but also skillfully woven new elements that expand and deepen his sound and style. This sort of organic and synthetic sonic battleground of darkness and light he has been passionately investigating along the years is sharper and even more alluring on Trails. It pulses and strikes with the assertiveness and confident of an experienced producer who is not afraid to leave his comfort zone and delve into uncharted musical paths. Trails leaves the listener wanting for more, and hopefully it’s a harbinger of more things in this vein to come.

Trails is available for pre-ordering on Denovali. Release date: November 25. Image by Sevi Tsoni.

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