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NOVEMBER 18, 2003 — False Kings of the Earth – the first release in the Pulsolid Vinyl 12″ series from dPulse Recordings/Aural Hallucinogenix and C0C0S0L1DC1T1 – is anything but typical dance/club fare…

Taken from the debut BCD album Bush Doctrine (C0C0S0L1DC1T1) from electronica and electronic dance music pioneer Richard H. Kirk, False Kings of the Earth is a challenging, groove-laden excursion that deftly weaves elements of retro-fied junk funk with an assortment of shortwave sounds, world music riffs and under-the-surface chicanery…executed with the decidedly caustic world view expressed on the LP’s incendiary sonic polemic against oily greed mongering and cultural ignorance.

The result is a definitive statement that not only rails against the stream of current events, but also serves as a warning shot to the seemingly endless waves of generic, faceless dance music producers so pervasive on today’s scene…while emphatically bearing witness to the fact that there is still very much a place for demanding, intelligent and intrinsically infectious music in contemporary electronica.

In contrast to the emotional and experimental void often found in today’s electronica, Richard H. Kirk’s role in the foundation and growth of electronic and dance music as it is known today is without equal.

Spanning a career that has continued to evolve – having taking him from the earliest days of white noise/tape loop and found sound experimentation to Top 10 Dance Chart success with Cabaret Voltaire – and on to more recent and critically applauded projects like Sandoz, Sweet Exorcist and now BioChemical Dread – his works have been hailed as both astounding and difficult.

False Kings of the Earth and BioChemical Dread, then represent a summation of where Richard H. Kirk is today: creating an audiophonic journey through time and space where the language of rhythm meets digital communication to meld the organic and the technological – all the while turning a watchful eye toward the foibles of our overly digitized and thought-controlled world.

This limited-edition Pusolid vinyl release (backed with the BCD track “Indiana Cuba 7”) will be available from distributors worldwide, with support expected from progressive radio and club DJs.

The vinyl is expected for release December 2003.

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