Phylum Sinter :: Year End Sale (Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts)

Phylum Sinter offers a year end sale (extended through the end of January) of releases and tracks with proceeds going to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts.

Phylum Sinter “The planet, when you get a good look at it, and see the bottom of the ocean, is one thing. Beyond nations and language, we are all human. Beyond this, individuality flourishes in every conceivable direction. But there is one other commonality amongst Earthlings – we all suffer. When I read about Tropical Storm Washi, that it took water access of a quarter million people, the homes of tens of thousands of people and killing an estimated 1000, it was nothing new. What was new, for me, was the impulse to incorporate my humanity, my sense of purpose and connecting point; with my music. I decided immediately to look to who is always there, regardless of national border. Of course, it was the Red Cross.

So, as Phylum Sinter, I’ve decided to put everything on my bandcamp page on sale – albums and tracks can be had for a mere $5 (or pay what you feel is right), with 20% of all proceeds going to help aid the Red Cross’s efforts towards Global Disaster Relief. I hope you’ll join me in this worldwide hug, that between us we might be able to do more than I or you alone could do. Please enjoy some tracks, and if you can donate please do. Celebrate all that is life with me by helping everyone we can. We humans have to learn to stick together or we will all fall apart. I wish you a great new year, and enjoy all the tunes!” – C.Todd // Phylum Sinter

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