New Forms :: Compilation (Raster-Noton)

117 image 1 Limited edition double CD compilation served in a special space deluxe food package, featuring all exclusive (live and studio) tracks, excluding Richie Hawtin’s work which was taken from his conceptual album. This compilation was realized and produced for the “contemporary electronic music in the context of art” exhibition at the Galerie Für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig, Germany. Curated by Carsten Nicolai and supported by Raster-Noton. Published by Galerie Für Zeitgenössische Kunst and distributed by Rastor-Noton.

Featuring ::

  • disinformation
  • scanner
  • thomas brinkmann
  • ritchie hawtin
  • frank bretschneider
  • kim cascone
  • goem
  • ryoji ikeda+noto
  • byetone
  • pan sonic
  • william basinski
  • signal
  • COH
  • pomassl
  • marc behrens
  • fransisco lopez
  • general magic


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