N’DangR Species & Roel Funcken set to release Night Terrors EP (Outside)

N’DangR Species and Roel Funcken set to release their electro-meets-hip-hop collaborative EP Night Terrors this Halloween 2014.

[Soundcloud stream] PRESS-RELEASE:  The 7-track Night Terrors EP will be digitally released worldwide on October 31, 2014 via Outside Recordings and available to download from all major music outlets including iTunes, Amazon and Juno Download. A limited 100 CDs will be available to purchase directly from Outside Recordings’ website.

On the EP, Dutch producer Roel Funcken lays down a dynamic, future bass backdrop while American hip-hop duo, Maf Maddix and Luse Kanz (aka N’DangR Species), delivers intelligent and prolific rhymes—blending elements of electronic bass-infused music with traditional hip-hop to create a unique sound that delivers on many fronts.

See “Brainfeeder (remix)” below, available to download.

Night Terrors is available on Outside.

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