Melancholy, love and hope :: Donnacha Costello unleashes Mono No Aware

Deep, heartwarming, highly effective ambient.

Mono No Aware

“The techniques and equipment are various, several of the works are generative and some are live recordings. All are tinged with melancholy, love and hope” says Donnacha Costello on the Bandcamp release page of his latest creation, Mono No Aware. Melancholy, love and hope, indeed, it’s all there.

Ethereal, mysterious, sensual ambient fills this album. Costello is emotionally open throughout. With just the right use of space and repetition he intensifies the emotional and atmospheric core of each track. Although repetition is a main ingredient here, there are plenty of subtleties to be found; Costello treats each detail with passion and careful thought, and performs each maneuver with hypnotic grace. Deep, heartwarming, highly effective ambient.

At the moment only side A of the album is available for streaming, side B will be added by the first day of August.

Mono No Aware is available digitally and in vinyl form on Costello’s Bandcamp page.

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