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(05.09.05) is pleased to announce Skincage
as our inaugural artist in our newly revamped href=””>LISTEN section. An experimental
artist whose music puts the listener in a hypnogogic state of uneasy
lucid dreaming, Skincage laid the foundation of the fledging Antibody
sub-label at Malignant Records and has provided the soundtrack for the
Lovecraftian short film, The Resurrectionist. Through the
LISTEN showcase, and Skincage invite you to experience
altered waking states with four complete tracks offered as
downloadable MP3s.

Over the past three years, has been positioning itself as a
nexus point of New Dark Culture, a home for artistic expressions that
focus on the dark underbelly of the world and the provocative allure
of this shadowed space; from goth to industrial to horrific to retro
to rockabilly to erotic. The site showcases on-going serial graphic
novels, one-shot comic strips, fiction, culture logs, and visual art. is now expanding into the sonic world with LISTEN, its
division devoted to the music and sonic arts. Much in the same way
that the VISION section highlights an individual artist and their
work, LISTEN is intended to be a showcase for a band, a solo musician,
a label or a performance collective. LISTEN is intended to fuck with
your ears in the same way that VISION fucks with your eyes.

We are putting out an open call for musicians and labels to submit
their material for consideration as a showcase event at
Events run one month and will include a brief description of your work
and/or your intent as well as samples of your music. All sound files
will be hosted by OPi8 which makes the bandwidth stress our problem
and not yours.

The intent is to spread the word as well as provide a central point
where like-minded individuals can find agreeable content. You won’t
get lost among all the other pop shit on the market; you won’t have to
compete for eyeball time against other artists. It is just you, your
tunes, and the world. When the month is over, your entry joins
others in our archive, part of a growing compendium of material.

What is the sound of New Dark Culture? As an answer to that question, presents the Opiate
— a four-part mashup collage of artists and songs that we
like. This is your launch point: this is the brain virus that starts
your downward spiral; this is the dose that starts the disease. The
Suite is our opening statement of intent and is intended to welcome
the world to the sonic darkness of the underground culture.

For further questions and submissions to LISTEN at, please
contact our Minister of Sound, Mark Teppo, at Please
do not send him sound files directly. Links to mp3s are preferred.
Please. Don’t kill his In-box.


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