Bersarin Quartett :: S/T (Denovali)

Denovali has reissued the fantastic self-titled debut album of Bersarin Quartett.

Many consider Bersarin Quartett‘s debut album a modern masterpiece of hybrid music. Originally released in 2008 by Lidar, and offering a very seductive, cinematic and original blend of modern classical, ambient and electronica, it received glowing reviews and responses from media and listeners alike, and gained Bersarin Quartett many avid followers, who later in 2012 got the sequel they were so highly anticipating. Already back then in 2008 I felt there was something special about S/T, but for some reason couldn’t quite get into the music. Since then it was reissued on LP (Denovali) and CD (Denovali/Lidar) in 2010, and again on LP in 2012 by Denovali, but this year, when the people at Denovali announced they were going to reissue it again, I knew it was time for me to finally get a copy and dive in. Now, I’m among the people who consider it a masterpiece, and I also feel obligated to explore Bersarin Quartett’s second album. If for some reason you don’t own a copy of S/T, here is yet another chance to add this truly unique piece of music to your collection.

S/T is available on Denovali on clear gold vinyl (limited to 350 pieces) and CD.

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