Assembler/Responder, Music Producer

Assembler/Responder, Music Producer

Sean Curtis Patrick may be familiar to ambienteers as a visual artist whose imagery has adorned releases by the likes of Rafael Anton Irisarri, Benoît Pioulard, and Alessandro Cortini. Less familiar, though, will be his audio work, which turns out to be deserving of mention, if not in the same breath, then in close aspiration to the above mentioned artists–at least on the evidence of his latest album, The Deccan Traps. A browse round his bandcamp, while revealing other works under the Assembler/Responder alias, affirms this as his most fully realised, its four tracks showing fine ambient, drone and electroacoustic textures with different mood and levels of linearity, constantly reshaped.

Part I
01. Honeycomb 17:52. 2013 – 2016
02. Phase IV 12:23. 2014 – 2016

Part II
03. No Logo 24:32. 2015 – 2016
04. The Deccan Traps 28:48. 2009 – 2016

The Deccan Traps is available on The Attempted Theft Of Millions. The Art of Sean Curtis Patrick | Assembler/Responder is available via Web | IG | ArtFB | MusicFB | Bandcamp.

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