Ad Noiseam :: 2001-2006 2CD/DVD + Giveaway!

  • Release :: 2001-2006, 2CD/DVD
  • Packaging :: [Front] [Back]
  • Label :: Ad Noiseam
  • Release Date :: April 24, 2006
  • Winners :: * Morgan (Cary, NC) + Johan (Örebro, Sweden)* All entries must be submitted by April 17, 2006. Please include all info that is requested. Winners will be notified via email on April 18, 2006. Good luck!::..:::…..:..::….:::::..:::..:::::::……:::…::.:::….::::..:..:::…::…….::::1269 image 1(03.22.06) THE beautiful thing about Ad Noiseam is that it was born from a love of the genre. Nicolas Chevreux began as an online reviewer (first with Totentanz and then Recycle Your Ears) for a couple of homegrown zines that were unmistakably works of intense passion. I still remember the collective sound of jaws hitting desks when he unveiled the track listing for Krach Test, a 3xCDR release that was a “proof of concept” — just to see if the whole process of starting his own label was possible. The contributions he got for this 227 copy release were amazing, a rhythmic noise enthusiast’s wet dream (Iron Halo Device, Converter, Tarmvred, Winterkälte, Needle Sharing, Mlada Fronta, Synth-Etik, name your own favorites!). This was just his opening statement. Where could he go from here?

    Well, five years on, we have adn60 — a 2xCD/DVD release; a record demonstrating that Nicolas and Ad Noiseam still have places to go. While the beginning showed his admiration and love for where the genre was, now he’s leading the way into the future (Bong-Ra, Mothboy, Larvae, Jason Forrest, Wilt, Enduser, Mad E.P., Magwheels). Filled with acts that happily call Ad Noiseam home (and, frankly, more than a few of them broke into the scene through his label), adn60 is a landmark. It’s an amazing testament to the boy who had a dream and made it real. Congratulations, Nicolas.

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of what he’s done, from the music to the art and packaging (there are probably about four out of sixty releases that I don’t really care for, an incredible percentage of hits for a label). Each record is carefully and meticulously designed to match its sound. Nicolas understands that music is more than just a collection of randomly scattered bits on a hard drive; there’s a passion which drives it, right from the artist into the consumer.  It’s an aural hit, a sensory mainline straight to the brain. Music is a drug; Nicolas is my secret pusher. (Text: Mark Teppo, Contributing Editor)


    Audio artists include Larvae, Mad E.P., Andrey Kiritchenko, Air Inspector, Exillon, Lapsed, Dälek, Keef Baker, Horchata, Antigen Shift, Enduser & Kazumi, Cordell Klier, Uniform, Magwheels, Morc, Cdatakill, Lapsed & Non Non, Bong-Ra, Mothboy, The Panacea, Needle Sharing, Submerged, AZ-Rotator, Curtis Chip, Detritus, Tarmvred, Mago, Iszoloscope, Kirdec and Wilt. DVD includes exclusive videos by Mothboy, 2nd Gen, Larvae, AZ-Rotator, Bong-Ra, Jason Forrest, Crno Klank, Horchata, Mago, Wilt, Andrey Kiritchenko, Enduser and Morc.


    For more info about Ad Noiseam, visit their website here.

  • Ad Noiseam Profile: Jan. 2005


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