36 :: Sine Dust EP (3six)

A soul arousing affair that drills deep into those wistful parts of the heart.

36 :: Sine Dust EP

A gentle, ethereal orphic surge arises from the depths of nothingness. Its insides croon seductively, its maneuvers reverberate into infinity. Time stands still, nostalgia creeps in, wrapping itself around the heart. The flood slowly fades away, a few last movements linger, gracefully refuse to disappear but eventually vanish into space…”Sun Riders Part II” ends. That’s the opener of 36’s latest 4-track EP, Sine Dust. Yes, Dennis Huddleston has done it again, another output of emotionally charged and atmospherically hypnotic ambient under his 36 alias. A deep dive from start to finish, a soul arousing affair that drills deep into those wistful parts of the heart.

Words from 36: “Sine Dust is a collection of synth-based tracks, which I wrote between December 2014 and February 2015. I wanted to make an EP that had a strictly defined sound and theme, which continued from beginning to end, using a limited array of instruments to tell the story. All tracks are sequenced in the order they were made. In some ways, it’s the most minimal record I’ve made. The sounds are soft, muted and the notes are played with a gentle intensity that hopefully reflects my passion for the stars. Listening back, I find it quite an inspirational, almost-romantic record, yet one which remains undeniably melancholic. I hope you like it.”

Out of the 200 LP copies, only a few left at the moment, as most were snatched by 36’s cult following shortly after pre-order period had started. Fortunately, you can always get it digitally from his Bandcamp page.

Sine Dust is available on 3six.

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