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We must admit we’ve taken our time since the last update on all things tape. We even missed Cassette Store Day—but every day is Cassette Store Day, right? So, time to delve into some new tape releases that have been tickling our eardrums with delight. We stretch across genres with six releases taking in crackers junglist dub, spooky ambience, blunted cyberpunk and a welcome return for Casino Versus Japan. Enjoy the sounds!

Casino Versus Japan :: Frozen Geometry (Self-Released)

A vast 80 track release of manipulated, looped and layered guitar and the first new music from Erik Kowalski for over half a decade (read the Newswire). Stunning, evocative, nostalgic—this inhabits an ambient Boards of Canada meets The Caretaker space. Beautiful, enveloping music.

NeuteK :: Fractality (Electronic Tapes)

Oslo based Electronic Tapes deliver the goods again with an all analog, mastered to VHS session from NeuteK. Steeped in warm hiss, this is proper Rephlex style acidic braindance that veers from screwed 303 to playful melodic breakcore. It’s not your usual racket though, NeuteK has a keen ear for melody which permeates throughout. Recommended!

Seekersinternational :: Ragga Preservation Society EP (Diskotopia)

The truly bonkers SKRSINTL fire off some blistering ragga / jungle / dub cut and paste madness on Japan’s Diskotopia. An off the wall mash up of breaks, bass, pitch shifted R&B samples, analog reverb and MC rub a dub chat—this is as inventive, frenetic and brilliant as they come.

Jay Glass Dubs :: New Teeth for an Old Country (Bokeh Versions)

We continue the dub theme but in more restrained style with the latest from Bokeh Versions. Exploring the outer fringes of dub experimentation, this excellent label rounds off a solid 2016 with Jay Glass Dub’s stripped back, forward thinking dubby wonk. Check out the otherworldly, spectral beauty of Neckless Dub in particular. Whilst you are about it, the label’s other 2016 output is well worth an investigation too, especially Abu Ama’s Arabxo Ishara and LoversDedicationStation—another cracking Seekersinternational release.

2814 :: Rain Temple (Dream Catalogue)

Things wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Dream Catalogue and some vaporous ambience from HKE and t e l e p a t h’s collaboration as 2814. Blunted Vangelis meets a dead of night rain soaked Tokyo city-scape. “I need more music like this, it fills me with good feelings,” comments Chris on their Bandcamp page. We couldn’t agree more.

1991 :: No More Dreams (No More Dreams)

Swedish producer Axel Backman returns from a 4 year release hiatus with an incredible selection of busted hypnagogic fuzzy beauty. Knackered, distorted and ever so slightly haunted—this one crawls about your hippocampus gently bathing each neuron in a gauze of bleached out melody.

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