Vinyl records are a bastard to move. There’s no bones about it. People may love it as a format, but lugging it is tantamount to hauling coal. The decision to move my records, once again, wasn’t taken lightly. In 2012 I moved around five hundred of them back to Ireland from Scotland, whilst I moved to Madrid. A year on and they’re in transit, this time off to the Spanish capital. It’s emotional going through them, trawling through old memories alongside forgotten tracks. It’s also quite satisfying, unearthing old EP’s, albums and compilations. I had great plans to make a mix before sending them away, but time passed. I’d great plans for something quite retrospective, but deadlines for shipment loomed. One day such plans might be fulfilled, until then here are a handful of tracks I really like which were acquired and reviewed over the past 12-months. Vinyl, mixer, and that malark. Enjoy.

Tracklist ::
Peel MD :: “Monster” (Borft)
Maquis Hawkes :: “Housing Project” (DABJ)
Junq :: “From Below” (Cultivated Electronics)
TPM :: “Beta Bodega (Tercer Poder Mundial)” (Beta Bodega)
Willie Burns :: “Another Time, Another Place (Aroy Dee Remix)” (Sequencias)
Frak :: “Sunset Filter” (Borft)
TXC-2 :: “Love You More” (Generator)
Versalife :: “Ionization” (Cultivated Electronics)
YO3 ‎:: “Deep Sleep” (GPR)
Translucent :: “Light Of Dawn Mix” (Jelly Jam)

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