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Touted as ‘more than just a gig bag,’ Fusion lives up to its name by offering high-quality DJ bag accessories including various other mobile cases for iPad, laptops, and a wide assortment of instruments.

Fusion DJ Workstation gig bag

(January 2012) After having DJ’d for over 10-years and running an online magazine, I’ve never really taken further steps to properly lug the gear, wires, laptop, headphones and various other peripheral to and from my weekly commute to KUCI—the radio station where I host Digital::Nimbus. And although it’s important to keep your gear sturdily in place, I made out pretty well carrying an (independent) laptop bag and another two pieces of luggage for everything else. Each week the paranoia of leaving something behind because there were too many bags to fill—which has happened, mind you—further solidifies the justification for an all-in-one mobile carrying case.

If you haven’t done so already, it would be worth your investment to seek out Fusion for almost any type of gig bag including iPad, laptop, midi-controller, brass/woodwind, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, cello, audio components / accessories and more. The one I had the opportunity to test drive is the Sound & Audio DJ Workstation. While staring at what seemed to be a rather large piece of high-end craftsmanship, I couldn’t help but feel excited to drop all the audio goods in this multi-pocketed behemoth of a gig bag. Prior to cleaning out my old cases filled with RCA/XLR cables, various connections, stickers, CD’s, flyers, business cards and just about anything else related to live music necessity (including a few nostalgic memories), I couldn’t help but explore the placement of every zipper, side pocket, pull-out bin (one for a laptop and one for midi-controller and/or headphones). While the description for this particular case lists that a 15″ laptop could be housed, I was able to easily insert a 17″ laptop through the doors. Look further and you’ll also discover that the DJ Workstation converts from a one shoulder case to a backpack and you’ll even find a slip over rain-coat tucked away neatly underneath the well cushioned bottom—see video comparisons below. These nifty surprises and conveniences all amount to smart design from the folks at Fusion.

A few weeks of carrying this gig bag around and concerned that an all-in-one case might be a bit much to carry on one shoulder—I soon realized that I was clearly wrong. The shoulder strap is wide and well-padded creating balanced weight distribution.

It’s all pluses for this bag, especially the way I’ve been using it for weekly radio shows. The ease of transport, storage and convenient placement of each pocket makes life a lot easier each week as I trek to and from the station.

While this synopsis may be just be a summary of my experiences, it wouldn’t be out of place to note some of Fusions marketing highlights including “function, comfort and support—protection of your instruments and store-away straps for ease of use as well as stylish and practical functions at an affordable price.” These attributes are (obviously) key selling points, but more importantly, they are all validated. Try one out and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

For more information about Fusion, visit there website at www.fusion-bags.com. Fusion will also be at NAMM (California, 2012) exhibiting in Hall C—Booth 4897.


* Igloomag.com is giving away three Sound & Audio Fusion gig bags—listed below. Simply email us your full name and physical mailing address including which bag you’re interested in, and we’ll draw the winners on February 1st. Please review the three bags we’re offering prior to entering the giveaway. Winners will be notified via email.

Sound & Audio: Workstation DJ (Code: SA-01 W DJ B)
Sound & Audio: DJ Mix (Code: SA-02 DJ M B)
Sound & Audio: DJ Backpack (Code: SA-03 DJ B B)

* Please note that your email address may be entered into Fusion Gig Bags’ mailing list.

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    Simply Fantastic !
    Fusion ……more than just a gig bag !

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