Articles By: Leo Aboal

Björk Digital :: VR Exhibition @ Somerset House, London (Sept-1—Oct-23, 2016)

Björk Digital, VR Exhibition @ Somerset House, London (Sept-1—Oct-23, 2016). Björk Digital—a touring exhibition showcasing the on-going development of turning Vulnicura into an entire album of interactive Virtual Reality “videos,” which has now reached its first European stop at London’s esteemed Somerset House after earlier incarnations in Sydney and Tokyo a few months back. Every five-ish […]

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Coppe’ :: Void (Mango + Sweetrice)

Void ventures into much darker terrain (for her) though, and for the first time the album actually sounds like it may have come at a time of personal strife which made the collection more of a chore to pull together, rather than Coppe’ merrily throwing ideas back and forth with her loyal band of collaborators […]

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Kelli Ali :: Band Of Angels (Self-Released)

As much as Kelli previously put her stamp on contemporary folk, wrapped pop music around her little finger and is frequently freelance songwriting with the big boys, for the first time Band Of Angels can only be described as a “Kelli Ali album.” An artist who “re-invents” themselves at every given opportunity is a pretty standard claim […]

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