Articles By: David Parker

SIXIS :: Awake EP (Self Released)

Bay area bass music and futuristic space dub are important themes in this EP but these features are weaved expertly with challenging quivers of intricate glitch and ambient elegance that keep each track completely unique. [Release page] This summer has been and will continue to be fruitful for SIXIS. He has found himself performing at several […]

read more :: Inside Universe (Beats & Pieces)

Each beat swims by allowing the listener to depart from their current space and enter a dimension of self reflection aided by downtempo grooves and curiously intriguing samples, including yet another track featuring the penetrating monologues of the movie Waking Life. [Release page] Beats & Pieces brings us another great release for these warm months. […]

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Erothyme :: Three Sevens (Street Ritual)

Each track is bumping just over the seven minute mark and is each its own unique journey through time and space with future funky braindance to keep you moving even after the music stops. Erothyme has brought several unmistakably playful grooves and elaborate melodies to the table. His unique sounds take the listener and the dancer […]

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