Articles By: Darren Bergstein

Robert Rich :: Premonitions / Vestiges (Vinyl-on-Demand / Soundscape Productions)

Robert Rich’s restless spirit still retains a collagist’s wicked sense of the surreal, how to both jostle and juxtapose sounds and enhance the molecular divisions between silence and signal. He has long been a champion, enthusiast, and expert knob twiddler of the given technology of the day, but his exploratory nature has found him straddling electroacoustic interfaces […]

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The Facts :: Tower Records is history

(10.10.06) I just heard today (Saturday, October 7) the unfortunate news that Tower Records, after years of toiling in bankruptcy (and suffering from maladies both internally created and externally endured), is finally going out of business. I understand that if all goes well (surely an ironic observation at this point), the company, already slurped up […]

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