Articles By: Daniel Miller

Russ Young :: Common Pond (Audiobulb)

Russ Young is easing the loneliness of loss by filling the space between me and myself, and so when I hear that grandfather clock, I click the spiraling repeat arrows in iTunes and give Common Pond another moment of my life. I thought I had some conception of real problems, and maybe I still don’t. […]

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Worm Is Green :: To them we are only shadows (ata:digital)

An album of contradiction, of past and present influences at odds with each other. An album demonstrating electronica of the past five years meeting vocal sensibilities of the five before that and an aesthetic hopelessly grounded in a tiny, gorgeous rock planted in the North Atlantic. It’s a Thursday evening/Friday morning and I’m on a […]

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Ben Frost :: Aurora (Bedroom Community / Mute)

Aurora is filthy, like good sci-fi, and so it’s not for everybody. It certainly coddles, cradles, swaths the listener, but it does so in a briar patch. It covers you in liquid tar and hardens onto your skin. It’s for the futurist, the skeptic, the one apart. Aurora, by Ben Frost is a sensory experience. It […]

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